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Our Pet and Poultry Products provides high nutritious to animals and makes their taste buds happy.

About Us

Just like animals also need proper balanced diet to live healthily. They require fresh water in regular intervals of time every day to stay energetic. Also, they need to intake high proteins, necessary fats, minerals, vitamins as well as carbohydrates every day. That is when, we, Belvet Bioscience enters the picture. We are acclaimed globally for the collection of animal nutrition products that are approved by qualified veterinary physician worldwide.

With our branded collection of Pet Products and Poultry Products, we are distributing healthcare to domestic animals in not just India but in numerous other international markets. By taking responsibility of their health and proper growth, we are making innumerable families happy constantly.

Currently, we are working as a diligent exporter and trader of such quality assured Pet Feed Supplements, Poultry Feed Supplements, etc. These appreciated offerings are procured from the leading animal nutrition brands of the country. Not just these, the premium customer services that we render to pet and poultry owners have also won their hearts. Since, 2016, we have stayed committed to our patrons and have reached their desired locations on time with their requested orders.

What We Have For Your Pets And Domestic Animals?

Caring for pets and other domestic animals across the globe, we are offering supplements and nutritious treats in the market. Our offerings provides the animals with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins they need. Our offered collection of Pets and Poultry products offers numerous health benefits to animals, some of such benefits are listed below:-

  • Our supplements ensures the optimum growth of animals
  • They help animals in gaining the right weight
  • The offered products also enhances the muscle mass making animals physically stronger
  • Boosts immunity and provide protection from numerous diseases
  • Also, our range improves the digestive system of the domestic animals
Our Mission

Being a widely accepted name in the animal healthcare sector, our Karnataka based brand is trying to collect the best from market and deliver the most reliable to our clients spread across the globe. The mission of our business is to make sure that each and every domestic animal gets the nutrition and care they deserve in their life.